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Lead & Asbestos Testing

This service provides sampling of concerning materials that may contain lead or asbestos. 

The samples are sent to an accredited laboratory to be analyzed and comprehensive report is written and sent to you once the lab results are received. 

asbestos sample
man testing for lead paint

Although asbestos is still present in many buildings today, homes built prior to 1978 are more likely to contain hazardous asbestos containing materials. We are able to identify these materials and can safely collect samples to send to the lab to be tested. 

No amount of asbestos is considered safe and remediation should be taken place if the materials are in an area where they may be disturbed and aerosolize asbestos particles where there is a threat of inhalation. 

The use of lead based paint was widely used prior to 1978 and is more common on older homes. The main concern with lead is ingestion or inhalation of the particles. Lead paint can be a big concern if you have little kids and an older home or remodeling without proper protection. 

Should lead be found on-site we can provide recommendations for remediation. 

An Indoor Air Quality test may be added for additional testing. 

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