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Post Remediation Verification (PRV)

Post-Remediation-Verification tests are performed after a remediation company had done work on the property. It is recommended that an unbiased third party be hired to inspect the work to verify the efficacy of the repairs.

moldy crawlspace
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Depending on where the work was performed, within the home, in the crawlspace or basement, different testing protocols are used (air, swab, or tape lift sampling). Sampling in the areas of concern and surrounding areas is necessary to ensure that proper containment was achieved during the remediation. 

Inspections should be performed during each stage of the remediation process as a quality control. This can ensure that the required procedures are followed and provide information on whether additional repair is needed. We follow the IICRCS520 guidelines to ensure proper protocols are followed.

PRV inspections can aid the remediation companies to confirm their repairs and/or direct them to where additional efforts are needed. If the PRV is not up to standard, consultation on what next steps need to be taken can be provided.  

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