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Hello, I'm Cody



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My Story

I am a Nashville native that grew up in Lebanon, TN. I attended Cumberland University and received a Bachelors Degree in Biology with Chemistry and Psychology Minors. After graduation, I spent time working as an analytical chemist at a laboratory running tests on soil and water samples for various harmful compounds and continuing my education of the technical sciences. 

From there I started my work in the construction industry, learning how homes were built, forming a foundation of knowledge of building science. I became more involved in the industry and started my own remodeling and construction company for several years. I transitioned from the physical act of working on homes and acquired my Home Inspector license to focus more on the technical side of ensuring homes were built properly and maintained appropriately. I spent 4 years working as a full-time Home Inspector and gained a comprehensive understanding of the major concerns and problems with past and modern building practices and common issues that homeowners come across sometimes resulting in indoor air quality issues and potential health concerns.

After noticing that various issues I identified in my inspections resulted in indoor air quality issues and potential health concerns, I shifted paths and became focusing on those indoor air quality indicators. I was the Lead Environmental Specialist for a different organization and quickly learned the impact and importance of knowing the state of and quality of air inside our buildings. I consulted on a variety of cases and was able to help countless clients find the source of their health issues and mold contamination problems. My expertise in these niche areas and my passion to help those in need has driven me to open my own business to continue to help homeowners, homebuyers, business owners, tenants, and landlords have clarity on the state of the environments in which they are living. 

I currently reside in Hendersonville, TN with my wife and two children and would love to help my neighbors in the Middle Tennessee area with any and all indoor air quality concerns. 

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