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IAQ Consultation

The primary focus of this service is to provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, get answers, and gain knowledge about your indoor air quality  from our IAQ professionals prior to testing. 

mold under magnifying glass
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

 An IAQ Consultation is a service we provide to help clients get a better understanding of their situation prior to determining if testing is necessary. 

In our experience, knowledge is one of the greatest assets we can provide someone who has an indoor air quality concern. We believe that helping people to gain a comprehensive look allows people to feel more confident and make more well-informed decisions. 


This service can act as an unbiased third-party assessment to aid in the decision for testing or remediation needs. Additionally, this service can act as a resource to interpret lab results received from other testing companies.

For further information about any visible mold or mold conducive circumstances, Mold Sampling or a Mold Testing Inspection may be needed. Additional testing can be offered such as Lead & Asbestos Testing.

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