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Mycotoxin Testing

Starting at $750*

This service is intended for individuals who are experiencing mold exposure symptoms or have confirmed mold exposure through blood or urine testing. This testing can confirm if the harmful toxins are present in their environment. 

Mycotoxin image
Mycotoxin testing in laboratory

Our Mycotoxin Testing service includes sampling, a thorough inspection of the home assessing the exterior and interior of the property for mold conducive circumstances, as well as an on-site consultation with the property owner to discuss history and problematic areas.


The site assessment and consultation aid in determining the sampling locations to ensure the most accurate results. Depending on the situation, we can take up to 3 surface samples during this inspection. These samples are sent to a laboratory and are run through two different types of analyses.


The first analysis looks for specific mold species that are known to be mycotoxin producers and harmful to humans. The second analysis is for the presence of actual mycotoxins produced by those toxic molds. A report is compiled with both results included.


Our mycotoxin report can be used to compare with blood and urine analysis from occupants to determine if their exposure is from their environment.

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*Service cost is base pricing. Final cost of service will be determined based on property size and details.

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