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Mold Testing & Inspection

The Mold Testing Inspection provides insight and lab interpreted results to support whether or not there is an active mold presence in the building. 

mold in petri dish
thermal camera image

Much like our Building Evaluation Inspection, we will inspect the exterior and interior of the structure focusing on areas of visible mold and mold conducive environments. 

Mold Testing Inspections, however, take it a step further and take samples of the air throughout the home to determine if visible or hidden living mold is present. These samples are sent to a lab to be analyzed and interpreted. The results provided give a detailed breakdown of the present condition of the air the occupants may be breathing and if there is a concern on-site. 

A detailed report outlining the condition of the site, the full diagnosis and analysis from the lab, and recommendations for remediation is provided after the Mold Testing Inspection is complete.

If remediation is required to eliminate any mold presence you may have, a Post-Remediation Verification Inspection can be scheduled to confirm the issue has been resolved. 

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