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Water Testing

Starting at $425*

Water Testing provides insight and lab interpreted results to show the contents of the water supply at your property. 

image of water testing under faucet
running water tap with clean drinking water

While Middle Tennessee's drinking water supply exceeds all federal and state standards and is safe to drink, conducting your own water test on your property can provide you with personalized insights as to what your tap water is like.


Our water testing service can identify the presence of harmful contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, and chemicals, ensuring that the water is safe to drink. Not only that, but it can provide information on the mineral content of the water, allowing our clients to make informed decisions about the water they drink. 


Water Testing can also help identify the need for additional treatment or filtration of the water, ensuring that it is of the highest quality possible.

If your property's water supply is sourced from a well, we highly recommend this service to get an adequate idea of the contents of your water.

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*Service cost is base pricing. Final cost of service will be determined based on property size and details.

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