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Building Evaluation

The primary focus of this preliminary inspection is to provide insight on issues that may be causing environmental problems within the building. 

mold under magnifying glass
thermal camera image

 A Building Evaluation is an inspection on the interior and exterior of  the structure with a focused lens identifying the presence of visible mold and mold conducive circumstances. 

Specialized tools along with an understanding of building science can help connect the dots in determining what issues may be affecting the indoor air quality of your home. A detailed report outlining the condition of the site and providing recommendations for remediation is provided after the evaluation is complete. 

This service can act as an unbiased third-party assessment to aid in the decision for remediation needs.  

For further information about any visible mold or mold conducive circumstances, Mold Sampling or a Mold Testing Inspection may be needed. Additional testing can be offered such as Lead & Asbestos Testing.

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